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Line 9401

Passengers rights, luggage and pets

Rights of passengers


  Summary of provisions concerning the rights of passengers when travelling by sea and inland waterway


  • On the highspeed line Zadar - Premuda - Silba - Olib and back it is permitted to carry one pice of luggage up to 20 kg per person and it is free of charge.
  • A passenger is allowed to take one handbag or one rucksack or one laptop or one briefcase + one piece of luggage up to 20 kg.
  • A passenger travelling with a child up to 3 years old is allowed to take one baby carriage.
  • Disabled people and patients are allowed to take: one pair of crutches and/or any other orthopaedic or prosthetics device.
  • All excess of luggage will not be taken on board


Pets can only be transported if they do not present danger or disturbance to the passengers or the ship.

The following animals may be transported:

  • small domesticated animals (dogs up to 30 cm high, cats, and small domesticated animals) carried in closed hand-held transport crates (cages, baskets, etc.) may be placed on the floor in front of the seat during the entirety of the trip, but not onto the seat. The bottom of the bag must be waterproof. 
  • other dogs (over 30 cm of height), if they have a veterinary card showing dog ownership, mark (microchip) and regularity of vaccination. Such dogs must be put on a short leash and wear a muzzle (except for a guide dog), and are placed in one of the five pet tanks on the top deck of the ship. 2 smaller or 1 bigger dog can fit in each. 

During cruising it is strictly forbidden for passengers to be on the outside deck. The owners assume the risk and responsibility for possible damage during the journey caused by the animals. 

The sea carrier is not responsible for any injury to the animals during the journey. 

A traveler can only have one pet accompanying them. 

Animal transport should be booked in advance and is always charged extra.