About Us

Miatrade company

  • 1992. year – founded in Zadar
  • 1994. year – expanding its business to tourist and transfer services with the hydrofoil Žman on the international line Zadar – Božava – Ancona – Zadar, Zadar-Božava-Silba-Rijeka
  • 1996. year – expanding transfer services with another hydrofoil Žverinac for 116 passengers
  • 1998. year – travel agency “Miatours” is founded as a part of Miatrade company
  • 2000. year – state highspeed line Zadar-Sali-Zaglav was established with the hydrofoil Žverinac
  • 2003. year – company bought a Norvegian catamaran “Princ Zadra” with 300 passengers capacity operating the seasonal international line Zadar – Ancona, as well as the lines Pesaro – Lošinj i Civitavecchia-Hvar-Korčula
  • 2007. year „Princ Zadra“ wins the competition for the state line Zadar – Premuda – Silba – Olib
  • 2013. year “Princ Zadra” renews and proceeds with the line from 2007.

During past few years “Miatrade” company has performed services for some Croatian and international shipping companies. As a tourist agency it achieves a growing progress in excursion and tours organization, rent-a-car aas well as many other tourist services.

Today “Miatrade” company has over 20 employees.

Obitelj Šarin s posadom katamarana Princ Zadra 2003. godine